Stand Alone Arcade 1980 pac man

So you want to play games online. Good check out this new Social Software I have loaded on this site. It is an arcade and only an arcade.


1980 pac man

You want to play 1980′s games online. Good we have them. You want to play 1980 pac man great we have that too.

You don’t even have to sign up to play, but if you do then you can challenge your friends to beat your high scores.

I bet a lot of you work at places that have limits on where you can go to play games. I bet you my site is not blocked, because quite frankly it’s just not popular enough to be blocked. We have all the games you could possibly need to keep yourself entertained.

With over 4000 games to choose from I dare you to not find at least one you will come back for.

1980 pac man is not the only thing we have obviously. Actually most of the site games were probably made after 1980 pac man, but I am just trying to get that phrase in enough to get some unique visitors to my site. It may be shameless promotion, but I didn’t make the google algorythm did I.

Thank you for visiting and please play a game before you leave.


According to Wikipedia the know it all of the internet. Pac-man was released in Japan on May 22 1980. Since then pac man has spun off thirty more video games including Ms. pac man.

1980 pac man has really lived a good life. My grandmother still kicks my ass at the game she has one of the original flat top full arcade versions in her basement and judginf from her mad skills, she has spent far too much time with that machine.

My arcade will treat you to about 19 pacman games just go hereand search for pacman.

Have fun!

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